22 of the Best Miscellaneous Tech Tips from 2018

Misc tech tips from 2018

Happy New Year! If you enjoyed our roundup of the best Mac tips from 2018 and the best iPhone and iPad tips from 2018, you might also enjoy this little collection of assorted tech tips that we covered in the past year too. These are truly miscellaneous tech tips, and while a few are specific to a Mac or iOS device, many are more broad than that covering things like webmail configurations, retrieving data from social networks, running different operating systems, some goofier stuff, and other assorted miscellania.

Anyway, browse the list you might learn something new!

  • How to run Windows 95 on a Mac as simply as opening an app
  • Play an excellent Age of Empires clone, 0 A.D., on Mac, Windows, or Linux, and for free
  • Play a ridiculous Jelly Mario game in your web browser
  • How to delete all Google Search activity and history
  • How to setup an automatic email responder on Gmail
  • How to delete specific Chrome autofill suggestions
  • How to change the Gmail appearance back to an older or different version
  • How to delete a Facebook account
  • How to download all your photos and videos from Instagram
  • How to download all of your photos from Flickr
  • Watch full movies on YouTube, for free
  • Run the classic media player WinAmp on any computer in a web browser
  • How to run a Hackintosh with MacOS Mojave on an Intel PC
  • How to run MacOS Mojave in a virtual machine with Parallels, for free
  • Get a Linux Shell on iOS with iSH
  • Download 6 classic novels as audiobooks, free from Apple
  • Prank someone with a broken screen glass wallpaper trick for iPhone or iPad
  • Get Retro with Classic Mac OS tiling wallpapers
  • How to use Cloudflare DNS on iOS
  • How to use Cloudflare DNS on Mac

And if you have learned any interesting miscellaneous tech tips in the past year and feel like sharing them, let us know in the comments!

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